Crew kept bumping Cteemy elbow with the drink cart", Pros: "None" Subscribe to our Click 'N Save emails for the latest sales on flights, hotels, and more. Cons: "very poor crew i aske for a glas of water dinide say we haww 40 minites for lending. She then proceeded to tell me that Newark Airport was horrible and never travel through there if I know what's good for me. ", Pros: "I was seated well on both flights. In the future, they should pay us the 25 dollar bag fee when they arbitrarily make this decision. Had to be bused to the plane, only 1 bus provided and had to be packed like sardines. left: 278px !important; The average price for connecting flights from Washington, District of Columbia to Portland, Maine is $160. Opens new window. ", Pros: "The flight minus was very fast, 26 minutes" display: inline-block; left: 482px !important; The Greater Portland metropolitan area is home to over half a million people, more than one-third of Maine's total population, making it the most populous metropolitan area in northern New England (an area comprising the states of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont) and the … Check a bag, or 2. ", Pros: "The flight was very ontime and very comfortable, I had an excellent experiance with United", Cons: "Small seats, delayed for three hours and got in so late! More details ", Pros: "The service. Missed connection to Paris. In this context, bear in mind that the journey can take longer due to traffic. Your trip … ", Pros: "Helpful DCA counter personnel, cabin crew and comfy aircraft. Moreover, get off the train at Portland, ME … Cons: "Seat size", Pros: "I board sky priority or sooner so it always goes well." Sometimes travel dates aren't set in stone. ", Pros: "United hires good people. Hopefully nobody's dehydrated. That is good business sense - congratulations on a good PR decision. I am still fighting for a refund, after I had to purchase a day-of flight with another airline to reach my destination. Now our whole day is blown waiting nearly 6hrs for next flight. } The ticket agent said, "Good thing you checked in online! Friendly flight attendants. ", Pros: "Arrived early, friendly crew" For more information go to CDC website. Southwest Airlines Co. All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy Do Not Sell My Personal Information. ", Cons: "Terrible hard seats that do not recline. "", Pros: "Very annoyed with the direct tv. And using the city transportation for the big cities. She took my tag, no communication at all from her, I said what are you doing and she replied I have to file a claim. makes it easy to find flights departing from Portland (PWM) across many airlines, so stop waiting and book your trip with us! Cons: "On a windy day, our landing was bumpy and the pilot pulled up at the last second. Even the adjusted schedule eventually had to be adjusted (or readjusted). "", Pros: "Good experience overall. If I can help it, I will NEVER fly United again and I'll be certain to tell everyone I know about my experience with this airline. Didn't tell us till almost midnight. Where can I find the status of my flight from Washington, D.C. (Reagan National) to Portland, ME? The coffee and free cookies were quite good as well (surprisingly, especially for the coffee)." div.footer div.flex-placement b a:hover { Boarding was seamless." Cons: "Horrible delay due to maintenance. Find flights to Portland from $64. Airlines flying from Washington Reagan-National to Portland have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Cons: "The cost of the food", Cons: "Only free water~ no other drinks or snacks w/out paying! Short flight was a bonus." Felt duped. Best Airline in the U.S. and North America & Best Economy Class and Low Cost Airline in North America. Previous. Cash only bar? There are currently 948 active cases of COVID-19 diagnosed in US and 0 deaths as of Jan 12 2021 Please see our Coronavirus (COVID-19) Travel Restrictions page for more information on restrictions worldwide. During holidays and peak seasons fares are generally higher. There should be backup crew available and when there are delays, the passengers should be kept informed. Instead they wait till the last minute costing us valuable time. Attempts at every turn to gouge the pocketbooks of passengers. An average nonstop flight takes 1h 29m, covering a distance of 481 miles. Portland Intl Jetport is the closest major airport to Portland. My Frontier flight came out to be more expensive than other flights in the end because you get charged for so many things. Cons: "The layover in Boston was an hour or so, but the miscommunication between American Airlines and Iberia was such, that my luggage never left the US. If your preferred travel dates have some wiggle room, flexible dates will show you all the options when flying to Portland from Reagan Washington National Airport up to 3 days before/after your preferred dates. Cut it very close on making my connection to Dublin. (Those cookies are sooooo good.) ", Pros: "Flight was on time and arrived a little early." Cons: "Delays. It took us a while to decide on our first stop of the trip. white-space: normal; Cons: "Attendant was surly, no coffee, no continental breakfast as indicated on the reservation. And kept us safe because of expected turbulence." After a chaotic boarding, the plane sat around as the flight became late, and the pilots gave no explanation for the delay or hint of when we might take off. ", Cons: "It would have been helpful if hanging a garment bag were available, which was the case on my return flights to DC on American Airlines. The plane was also not clean. html[lang="es"] div.footer div.flex-placement > div:nth-child(10) { Althiugh the flight is only 1.35 hours, I was surprised that flight attendants didn't even make an effort to offer a drink service. And toss in not one, but two of those United Airlines cookies." They charge $30.00 for a bag and my bag was able to be carried on. The distance between Portland and Washington DC is approximately 481 miles, or 774 kilometers. Cons: "To start, the boarding process is a chaos. Cons: "Delta could do a little more to align people behind the right zone pillars when lining up for boarding. ", Cons: "It was not British airline but was contracted to American airline. was answered "yes. Cons: "Plane was late", Cons: "Never announced we were over 10Kfeet and could turn on electronic equipment, attendant seemed cross when her question "pretzels or coockie?" Seat cushion completely gone. Staying a little out of the city at RV parks along the way. Looking for a cheap flight? Cons: "flight was delayed due to weather. The cheapest flight from Reagan Washington National Airport to Portland was found 82 days before departure, on average. .swa-footer--copyright-text, .footer-copyright--text { Cons: "The gate attendant is hard to understand when making announcements before boarding", Pros: "Chairs don't recline. Fortunately, I heard them say “final boarding” over the intercom; otherwise I could have missed my flight. ", Pros: "Frontier employees are great!" Cons: "Absolutely not enough room to stretch your legs", Pros: "The flights were smooth and on time, even Early into mbj", Cons: "Had purchased a round-trip ticket. ", Cons: "Long delay at departing airport due to no flight crew", Pros: "It was a short hop over to New York, so that's the only positive thing I can say." There was no info given to passengers in regards to what gate or terminal you’re landing and in- was only given 20min to get to gate c Terminal 2 from gate b terminal 4.0", Cons: "Virgin Atlantic has had better days. Find flights to Portland from $42. I had to pay for a rental car and drive to my destination which has ended up costing me more money and the flight was already very expensive to begin with. The other passenger said he had a family obligation and the rep handed him the last ticket before I could get a word out. It required me to fly from a different airport and to a different airport, which was a nightmare for my other travel plans. overflow: hidden; They will be joining as many as 20,000 fellow Guard members in Washington, D.C. A spokesman for the Maine … ", Pros: "Movie selection and cable channels" Get a seat in an exit row or worst of all now 4. ", Cons: "The flight was uncomfortable, cheap rate but you had to pay $40 for just a carry on and another $11-$50 to check in and pick a seat! KAYAK searches hundreds of travel sites to help you find cheap airfare and book the flight that suits you best. To find the cheapest day and time to fly Washington, D.C. (Reagan National) to Portland, ME, with Southwest, check out our Low Fare Calendar. clip: rect(0,0,0,0); I was supposed to fly on a Thursday, but because I was passing through Denver and a blizzard had closed the airport the DAY BEFORE, Frontier's flight was cancelled on Thursday. Without any empathy AT ALL she again, rudely and now most definitely annoyed said Do you have your bag tag? You can also compare the travel time if you're flying or driving by calculating the distance from Washington, DC to Portland (Maine) . ", Pros: "Polite flight staff. } Seats are very basic and not the most comfortable. You can then pick the flights that suit you best. I was concerned I would be bumped since when checking the airline said it could not assign a seat. .compare-fares-secondary--row:nth-of-type(10) .compare-fares-secondary--header-cell .compare-fares-secondary--label div::after { No hotel.. Nada. ", Pros: "Boardin process was Ok" Search for Portland flights on KAYAK now to find the best deal. on the second flight, almost two hours delay, the plane from philly to Lisbon, old, just s few tv screens, exactly like the North Korean airways..., bad food, my tray stayed with me the whole fly, flight attendant not very professional with no concern for customers and job. )"; It lacked class. ", Cons: "they canceled my flight and couldn't reschedule. } Most people were trying to sleep", Pros: "Friendly crew, greets you and says goodbye, and thanks you (sincerely)." ", Pros: "Frontier is a low cost budget airline. Check the status of your upcoming Southwest flight here. At Southwest, we know it takes more than great deals on Portland, ME, airfares and convenient scheduling options to make your trip memorable. For Reagan Washington National Airport to Portland, Thursday is the cheapest day to fly on average and Friday is the most expensive. ", Cons: "Would be great to have some headbsupport. Cons: "Nothing needed to be done", Pros: "Crew did a great job communicating what was happening while we were delayed" Cons: "As a frequent United flyer, I was a bit taken aback to see that AA charges for their movie streaming to your personal device. cmp-label-skip-histogram. I am disputing a charge for carry on. With KAYAK you can also compare prices of plane tickets for last minute flights to Portland from Reagan Washington National Airport. Cons: "Rickity old plane. ", Pros: "Crew was helpful and seats were spacious and comfortable" External site which may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Cons: "The aircraft was older, but United is in the process of renewing their fleet. text-decoration: none !important; And when you search for your next flight to Portland, ME, you know you won’t be surprised at checkout. The gate we left from was not a gate but a series of doors that buses came to. Cons: "They ran out of meals and snacks, both paid and free. Needs updates badly. Portland, Maine. Cons: "No food, no entertainment, no blanket. Learn more. Also being charged for drinks and no complimentary snacks. } ", Pros: "Big comfortable plane." I paid $25 to check my bag and yet it was lost. I left. They just told me what sea to sit in when I was boarding. 13 Wed. DCA - PWM. ", Pros: "Your Crew!!!! I had to ask her what my next steps were. ", Pros: "n/a" ", Pros: "Very friendly crew and efficient boarding process!" [data-class="swa-g-screen-reader-only"] { Great staff but old and worn out planes. There should be other flight options available when this happens. Flying from Portland back to Reagan Washington National Airport, the best deals are generally found on Friday, with Wednesday being the most expensive. You may also want to browse Southwest Vacations® to see special offers and package deals on flights, hotels, rental cars, and more. We have found that there is often no price difference between buying a round trip flight versus a one way flight.Increased flexibility is the main benefit when it comes to buying a one way flight from Portland, Maine to Washington, District of Columbia. From $ 219 * Round trip | Economy. ", Pros: "The Resolution team assisted me initially when I arrived to correct an issue from my online attempt. Cons: "Nothing", Pros: "flight was in 30 minutes early. Staff for professional and kind, the flight was not completely full so it didn't take long to to board and the flight landed on time. Check availability. There is information in the previous heading. Arrival information. The distance between Washington DC and Portland is approximately 481 miles, or 774 kilometers. Cons: "I arrived at my final destination and walked to baggage claim. The flight attendants were pleasant and helpful and the pilot gave timely and useful announcements. If we had not shared then it would have been more than flying with another airline. With over 2 billion flight queries processed yearly, we are able to display a variety of prices and options on flights from Reagan Washington National Airport to Portland. There was a problem getting on, they allowed premium members to board but when I got to the plane, I was scolded by the cleaning crew lady (maybe the Mgr) that they were not ready and that she had informed 'them' of that and that no one is allowed to board while they are cleaning. $69 annual fee. Cons: "Row of seats that didn't recline. Don't know about the other things. Navigation signs were the least helpful of any airport I've flown out of or into. The service and the service. How long is the train journey from Washington DC to Portland? Airbnb to block, cancel D.C. bookings for week of inauguration. Save big with Greyhound cheap bus tickets from $57! Get off the bus. ", Cons: "Very cold on flights, no blankets", Pros: "I love the whole thing about it. Earn up to 10,000 points per night on hotel stays. Cons: "During boarding, the sign wasn’t updated after Zone 1. U've got a nice crew at least on our flight, very professional and nice. Its hate selling at its best. Impressed with entertainment options. American Airlines (2 times daily) is the most frequent flyer on this route. ", Pros: "Customer service, flight crew was great. ", Cons: "The male flight attendant my section was very unpleasant to the elderly passengers in my area and just left me very uneasy about the flight", Pros: "Flight attendant gave me the can of Diet Coke and extra pretzels when requested. ", Pros: "Outstanding that United Airlines finally has allowed for complimentary use of built-in entertainment system; i.e. It's a 08 hours 54 minutes drive by car. ", Pros: "The landing in Phoenix finally here!!" Find United Airlines cheap flights from Portland, ME to Washington, D.C.. Popular Flights from Portland, Maine Check out the best flights leaving from Portland airport and secure the lowest fares for your upcoming travel plans. Follow the Washington to Portland, ME driving route along I-95 N. Get driving directions from Washington to Portland, ME . peanuts, you have to buy) squished seating (no reclining seats) families couldn't book seats together (you have to pay), so kids were distributed all over the plan without their parents. width: 273px; Cons: "No entertainment, no food at all. Flights from Washington, D.C. (Reagan National) to Portland, ME—or from here or there to anywhere—can be changed with no change fees. Get the reverse directions for a Portland (Maine) to Washington, DC drive, or go to the main page to plan a new road trip. Cons: "they are perfect in what they do", Pros: "It was 3 hours delayed" Cons: "See headline and it was a 4 hour flight with no movie and no water service. The price shown for each flight will be the average for all passengers including any infants. They wouldn’t serve us beverages while it was so hot inside. © 2020 Southwest Airlines Co. All Rights Reserved. html[lang="es"] div.footer div.flex-placement > div:nth-child(9) { ", Cons: "This flight was delayed by almost 5 hours. However, the flight attendent said we were the plane flying out to San Diego for the connecting, which was false information. What is the point of an airline charging for carry-on? Cons: "Great value, but you get what you pay for. Cons: "The wafer served with the beverage & my seat assignment stunk. Professional and fun. I was just standing there waiting when a young girl walked by me in a uniform and said rudely and almost annoyed, "do you have a question". Portland Intl Jetport (Portland, ME) Then I waited fifteen minutes to speak to someone, who informed me that the earliest they could get me a flight would be TUESDAY. On time both ways! ", Pros: "Great service very courteous crew. And, as always, bags fly free. Needless to say, I will never fly Frontier airlines again, and will never recommend them to anyone. ", Pros: "Boarded quickly & arrived on time. Before purchasing a ticket, Frontier must supply a list of exactly what is included in price and that theirs is an absolutely 'no-frills' airline. ", Pros: "Left on time. Book your next Greyhound bus from Portland, Maine to Washington, District Of Columbia. ", Cons: "Attempted to make my connection which was in another terminal. Get the reverse directions for a Washington, DC to Portland (Maine) drive, or go to the main page to plan a new road trip. I traveled with my mom and we shared a suitcase to save another baggage fee, which limited us almost too much with our luggage. Maybe some stripping on the floor could help or pillars at the front and midway back. ", Pros: "The flight is short" Driving distance from Washington D.C., DC to Portland, ME is 534 miles (860 km). ", Pros: "everything is fine except th nickel and dime." Flights from Baltimore/Washington (BWI) to Portland, ME (PWM) Book low fares from Baltimore/Washington (BWI) to Portland, ME, with Southwest Airlines ®. Arrive at the Portland Transportation Center, located at Thompson's Point featuring a brewery, winery, distillery, and museum. We enjoyed the music." } Flight was comfortable and on-time. Find out more about the Southwest® Experience before you book your Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport to Portland International Jetport flight. Offer ends 2/8/2021. margin: -1px; Cons: "Flight attendants provided decent service. Then, when we finally got on the plane and were about to take off, the air traffic control tower called and said that their flight path was incorrect and to not take off...but didn't give them a new flight path for nearly two hours as we sat on the runway. ", Cons: "The flight was cancelled, which was not resolved by the airline. Enjoy a Washington, D.C. to Portland, ME modern flight experience in premium cabins with Wi-Fi. Cons: "Not being able to book my seat online without being charged. Every ticketed Customer’s first two checked bags are free. ", Pros: "The terminal was an interesting mix of people, music, and food. I understand that unexpected problems occur, but not ONE part of my trip went according to the itinerary. This flight was affordable, but not cheap. Bags sent to wrong claim area. How far is it from Washington D.C., DC to Portland, ME? padding-top: 5px; Cons: "They charge you for every thing. Policies vary by airline. Hard are the person picking me up. 25% of our users found flights on this route for $159 or less one-way and $261 or less round-trip. I was on the aisle and both crew and passengers hit my shoulder almost every time they passed. /* Spanish Homepage footer */ The check in people had no idea what I was talking about when I tried to check in for my 6am rescheduled flight. Did not get home until after 1 AM, completely exhausted. font: italic normal 11px/1 Arial; Don't expect any plush seats, complementary drinks/snack. Audio via headset was very poor. It was impossible to choose a seat even 5 minutes into online check-in time opened up.

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