She had no links to gangs, and police believe her death was related to an ongoing territory dispute. Margaret Lightfoot's naked body was found in Epping Forest the day after she failed to return home from taking her dog for a walk. CCTV footage showed the suspects on bicycles shortly before Michael's murder. To view most recent cases click here. Rate. Stars: John Nettles, Jane Wymark, Barry Jackson, Jason Hughes. Her widower was accused of the murder at a trial that took place the following February, but the paucity of evidence against him (forensic scientists had found no trace in his house of dust from the derelict building) prompted the judge to order the jury to return a verdict of not guilty. Mrs Soper had been trying to sell her home and a mysterious 'estate agent' had called round in the days before her death. Harjit Singh Dulai, 44, was stabbed in the chest next to a tennis court in Rosedale Park, Hayes, on 27 January 2016. Seventeen-year-old Victoria (Vicky) Hall went missing at about 2:30. 23-year-old Margaret Connolly lived in Burnside Crescent and was manually strangled about five days before Christmas Day. The motive behind the killing has never been clearly established. 57-year-old Michael Towler was found fatally stabbed in the living room of his home on Holly Street, Horton Bank Top, Bradford, on the morning of 6 August 1992. The body of 17-year-old Sabrina Brett was found in the. His father had died in 1947. He had seemed anxious about something when he was in a Bognor bank on the day he was killed. Her murder was featured on. She was heard answering the door to an unknown person during the evening and her body was found by another occupant of the building later that same evening. The man was thought to have been 30–40 years old at the time of his death, but it's still not known how his body got to Hawthorn Lane or who put it there. Aylward's murder was featured on Crimewatch in July 2001. A blunt instrument had been used to strike her head with considerable force, and she died in hospital ten days later, on 21 February. She collapsed whilst on the phone to police. Almost 45 years after that acquittal, the Metropolitan Police reappealed for information that might help them identify who was responsible for Emmy Werner's death. She was a widow who lived alone and still did some part-time nursing work. Described as a 'gentle giant', Andrew managed to stagger back to his home in Upnall House, Sharratt Street, where he was found by his mother. Mr Armstrong's body was found three days later, 11 miles from where the taxi had been found abandoned at 6pm on the day of that journey. An intruder murdered Sarah Hill, 86, at her home on Thomas Street, Lees, on 12 February. 72-year-old Alfred Sandford died from a cardiac arrest during a violent robbery at his home Grove House Farm, Eltonhead Road, Sutton Heath on 24 July 1998. Leroy Ottey, 25, was shot in the back when returning to his home in Alderson Road. U.K. murder/homicide rate for 2014 was 0.90 , a 0% increase from 2013. Twenty-year-old Janet Murgatroyd was a student at the University of Central Lancashire and worked part-time for Lancashire Police. Ian Stewart Grant was a 24-year-old nightclub doorman working in Cambridge. During a police interview, one of them admitted to seeing 31-year-old Mr Wenham get punched to the ground that night, but denied hurting him himself in any way. Antonio Rodney-Cole, 22, was stabbed three times in his leg on 4 December 2013. Mary Budworth, Mark Budworth, Leslie Budworth. He was shot in the head and stomach (his pit bull terrier was left unharmed). In October 2009, 50-year-old Alan Wood was found dead in his home, tortured – possibly for financial details – and with head wounds and a slit throat. Detectives believe it may have been a contract killing related to drug smuggling. 19-year-old Sharon Hoare moved from her home in Bristol to London, where she worked as a sex worker for escort agencies. Diane and the children were asleep at the time. 85-year-old Kenneth Nunn died in what appears to have been an arson attack on his home on the night of 6–7 September 2005. Known as "White Tony" to avoid confusion with a black associate whose first name was the same as his, he was shot dead on 22 February in the Penny Black pub's car park. the defendant's) tribe had raped men at a party in his native, Dumped or left in a storage area of a block of flats after being murdered, she was discovered dead there on 13 January by two boys. His body had multiple injuries, but no weapon appeared to have been used on him and there was no sign of forced entry into the flat. Orville was from south London, he had been stabbed and his blood was found on the floor of a disused restaurant in. Susan Kelly, 38, was working as a sex worker in Liverpool when she was murdered on 4 September 2000. Abdur Rashid's killer murdered him by battering his head, after which they poured petrol over his body and set it alight in Epping Forest. Police suspect she may have been killed in a robbery gone wrong. Mabel had been gagged, stripped, and had facial injuries; her attache case and handbag were missing. Joy Sweatman, a 25-year-old mother of two young children, died at her suburban home when someone beat her with a hammer. His Ford Granada taxi was found five yards away. The couple were rescued from their home but Margaret died a short while later from smoke inhalation. Elaine had died from compression to the neck. - Hagley Wood, List of people who disappeared mysteriously, "Victims condemn Northern Ireland Troubles prosecutions call", "New Appin murder investigation reveals Jacobites plotted to kill Colin Campbell Postmortem reports and modern analysis point to close-range assassination", "Historical Execution of Gov. She died in hospital from her injuries on 29 May. The murder remains unsolved as of today. He is thought to have died two to three years before being found. The beaten and stabbed body of Steven Brown was found in, The 31-year-old builder and diving enthusiast went to Southampton General Hospital on 5 February 1999 after being beaten by three men when he stopped at a petrol station in, An expat businessman living in Spain, Palmer vanished after he got out of a taxi during a brief visit to the UK in March, having argued with fellow passengers. Kamila's boyfriend, Amilton Bento, was found guilty of her murder in 2007, but his conviction was quashed in 2009 and he went on to win a libel action against Bedfordshire Police in 2012, being awarded £125,000. Three women each jailed for the fatal arson attack or an offence related to it appealed against their convictions, resulting in two of them having theirs overturned and the other having her prison term for perverting the course of justice reduced. The killer or killers had broken into the house through the kitchen window, and the bodies of the pair were found when Joe (a taxi driver) had failed to turn up for work. He had been bludgeoned to death with a hammer. Brownlow, Nick (2005). The inquest into Isobel's death found that her step-father could have started the fire, he was arrested but the Crown Prosecution Service decided not to proceed with a prosecution. That evening, when she hadn't come home, a hunt for her began that would lead to around 5,000 residences being searched in the Lincolnshire town of. Three teenagers have been charged with murder and conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm after a boy, 13, was stabbed to death in Reading. image caption Leonard Gomm was murdered in June 1990 New forensic evidence has been found in a murder inquiry in Oxfordshire that has been unsolved for 20 years, Thames Valley police have revealed. Twelve days later her body was found in the Grand Union Canal. At the trial of two men accused of murdering them both, it was alleged that the decision to kill Micky had been taken because he was keen to find out who had killed Billy so he could avenge him. 39-year-old schoolteacher Caroline Evans was murdered next to a path through Pant Tywyll which she had taken on her way to visit her mother at the City Arms pub in. Her body was found on 14 February in a bedroom cupboard at number 126, Portway - an empty property in a row of recently built terraced houses. He managed to flee the scene and was found collapsed on Denmark Road in Camberwell, and he died a few hours later at King's College Hospital in the same district. The body of Orville Donovan Gordon, 39, was found in a barrel which had been pushed off the cliffs at Beachy Head in January 2004. The killer also took money from each victim's flat. Beatrice Wilson, 74, was knifed to death in her sheltered accommodation. Sultan Mahmood was a 31-year-old taxi driver and it was believed by the police that he was killed by members of a van-smuggling gang so they could resell his van in Pakistan. Although Sally's body has never been found, her disappearance began to be treated as a murder investigation in 2014. In May 2020, Patricia's family and Crimestoppers offered a £10,000 reward for information leading to a conviction. Similarities between the cases have led to speculation that this murder is linked to that of Carol Lannen in 1979. She said her attacker was white and clean shaven with fair hair. He had been strangled. No-one has been charged over his murder but Suffolk Police stated in January 2017 that DNA evidence may help to yield some clues 50 years on. ", "Family of man gunned down on Merseyside street appeal for help on 11th anniversary of his death", "Natalia Doherty disappearance: 'Domestic dispute' theory over murder", "Unsolved Murders - a Freedom of Information request to Staffordshire Police", "Marian Bates' widower 'will not find closure, "Murder charge dropped in case of man accused of killing Bulwell man James Brodie", "Widow of murdered Omar Watson wants answers 'for sake of children, "BBC One - Crimewatch, 14/12/2015 - Bracknell Body", "New pictures released of Warfield murder victim", "Not guilty verdicts in Natasha Derby case", "Inquest told farmer shot in head at point blank range", "Fatal shooting of 'millionaire' muddies the reputation of Virginia Water", "Mick Love's widow speaks out 10 years after his tragic murder", "One year on, who killed Alistair Wilson? With the evidence against him being entirely circumstantial in nature, the jury decided to find him not guilty. 27-year-old Sukhwinder Singh's killer strangled him and left his body in the car park of Epsom Downs Racecourse, where it was found on 21 January 2006. Schoolgirl Kate Bushell was murdered as she walked a neighbour's dog a short distance from her home in Exwick, on the outskirts of Exeter. This list is incomplete ; you can help by adding missing items with reliable sources . Murdered in her own home immediately following a sexual assault on 26 September. He had last been seen the previous evening drinking in the Full Moon pub on High Street. Thomas James died after being tied up by a robber or robbers at his home in Sketty Road, where he was found dead on 2 February. A dog walker found the injured boys at 7.20pm at a site which is now Stadt Moers Park on 16 August 1980. The woman with them was described as being white, aged in her late 20s and around 5, Paul Duckenfield was last seen at the Palm Trees restaurant near Great Saling, near. Potential motive of murder was robbery (missing jewellery and watch). David Scott, 30, was stabbed to death in a Tottenham underpass. 10-year-old Vera Page's body was found in undergrowth on Addison Road in Notting Hill, London. She was alleged to have stabbed the other girl for calling her a name, but in court she insisted that she wasn't in that park when Carol was knifed there and that her confession to being the killer to the police was false and due to coercion. 7.2. A friend called at her home at 9pm that evening to ask if she wanted to go out for a drink, but there was no answer. Gerald's brother, Joseph, admitted perverting the course of justice in relation to Natalia's death in 2017. Gerald took his own life in 2003 and is believed to have murdered Natalia. Eight-year-old Vishal Mehrotra was last seen by his family on 29 July 1981 on a crowded street near his home in, 36-year-old Carol Morgan, mother of two, was attacked at a shop she ran with her husband in, A woman's naked and decomposed body was found dumped in bushes next to a country road near. He was 76 and had moved to England from his native country of. Joe Gallagher and Frieda Hunter were a young couple bludgeoned to death in the bedroom of their home on Hallbottom Street. This page was last edited on 22 September 2020, at 21:21 (UTC). He died four days later from his injuries. Because there was a suicide note next to the bath in which Brenda Long's body was found and an empty pill packet was in the bath as well, foul play was not suspected to begin with, but an examination of the body by a pathologist revealed that someone had caused her to fall unconscious by holding a cloth soaked with ether over her nose before drowning her. His plastic wallet containing his driving licence, a £50 cheque card and a railway season ticket was missing, along with less than £3 in change. Bulic Forsythe, 42, was last seen by his work colleagues at Lambeth Social Services on 24 February 1993. Student Roland Carmagnole, 28, was beaten to death with a plank of wood on Scotland Road, Liverpool, in December 1987. US-born 33-year-old mother-of-two Shelley Morgan disappeared on 11 June 1984 while drawing and taking pictures of the Avon Gorge in Bristol. 52-year-old Phillip Saunders was beaten with a spade in the garden of his home in Anstee Court, Canton, on the evening of 10 October 1987. (She later withdrew her confession, claiming that depression had been the reason for her falsely admitting to the murder. In January 2019, police arrested a 37-year-old woman and then released her under investigation. His cousin, Bulent Kabala, was shot dead six months later, in February 2018. Download Historical Data Save as Image On the night of 1 November 1909, an intruder forced his way into the house and in a scuffle with Storrs, stabbed him 15 times. Luke Jackson, 33, was stabbed to death at an address at Lumley Flats, Pimlico, on 19 December 2014. A serial killer is typically a person who murders three or more people, with the murders taking place over more than a month and including a significant period of time between them. This is an incomplete list of unsolved known and presumed murders in the United Kingdom. At around 3:45. He was shot six times through his window as he ate his dinner and then at point-blank range three times in the head with a .22 rifle. The victim's body was discovered two days later by his father after he failed to turn up for work at the family's wastepaper business. Miss Rose Lifely was 73 years old when she was stabbed to death in her Northcote Road home between 15 and 17 May 1971 – the victim of a "maniacal attack", according to police. He was attacked by at least two unidentified men. Later the same year, two men were jailed for perverting the course of justice. [301], Police searches for Brodie's remains at a farm and in a canal in Lincolnshire were in vain.[298]. The case was dubbed "murder in the mist" by police because of foggy conditions, and a £20,000 reward is available for information that leads to someone being convicted of the crime. On 15 September 1954, 21-year-old Jean Mary Townsend was found murdered on what was then wasteland near to the junction of Victoria Road and Angus Drive. It's reported that forty years after Florence's death, a detective recalled that the main suspect had died before he could be interviewed. Alfred's wife, Inez, died just six months later from, what her family believe, was a broken heart. She was bludgeoned to death and the only thing taken was a diamond brooch. In January 2010, the skeletal remains of a woman were discovered hidden under multiple pieces of carpet in, 19-year-old Mohamed Abdul Kadir died in hospital three days after suffering a head injury during a street attack in. Blair Peach, a special needs teacher, was involved in a mass demonstration against a National Front meeting in Southall on 23 April 1979. Three men have been arrested and released. ... A UK police DI is transferred to St-Marie's police dept. His battered and stabbed body was found there on 2 August – the day after someone probably known to him had attacked him with fatal consequences. Two years after Bjorn's death, police offered a £20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of his killers. 14-year-old Sarah Benford vanished in April 2000 and although her body has never been found, her disappearance is being treated as a murder investigation. A neighbour found her body there on 27 November. ", "Daniel Morgan murder suspects named in court 30 years after killing", "Dangerous, in prison - but free to rape", "Victims in court as rapist gets eight life sentences", "The unsolved Bedsit Murders which shocked and horrified Tunbridge Wells - and how a dad's dying wish was never granted", "Dying dad's bid to find Tunbridge Wells daughter killer", "Man charged with murdering two women in Kent in 1987", "A hideous murder; a miscarriage of justice and the still-open wounds left 30 years on", "A woman brutally raped and left to die in Whitworth Park - and a 'wall of silence' from people who may know the killer", "Central News East: 04.11.1987: Northampton Arson", "Central News East: 06.11.1987: Arson Inquest", "Police committed to seeking justice in Northamptonshire's unsolved murders", "Man arrested 18 years after student's murder", "New appeal over unsolved murder of elderly sisters - killed for Tia Maria and chocolates", "Mother of murdered Bradford teenager Donna Healey appeals for help to catch killer", "The horrifying story of a Bromley woman stabbed on a train at Victoria station", "Police close the net on killer of German backpacker Inga Maria Hauser", "Rashid Abdur murder-police chief on investigation", "BBC - Hereford and Worcester - People - M50 murder - Timeline", "Marie Wilks murder: Wrongly convicted Eddie Browning dies", "R. v. Mary Druhan [1999] EWCA Crim 2011", "Percy Francis murdered (Evening Telegraph, Tuesday, August 1, 1989)", "Murder of bisexual man by gay hate killer? It happened so often that Kim did not give it a second thought. Gangster Frank McPhee, himself twice cleared of murder, was shot by a sniper in a block of flats opposite his own as he returned home. He was bound, gagged, then bludgeoned. The verdict of the original inquest was overturned in 2018 and a new inquest was held in 2019 which found that Helen had been unlawfully killed. In 1944, the message ". Both boys died in hospital from head injuries. Aristos Constantinou, the 40-year-old co-founder of the fashion label. His murder was featured on the BBC's, Although the inside of Derek Brann's taxi was soaked with blood when it was found in Sandgate (the area of, 57-year-old Peter Hurburgh had a fatal heart attack when, along with another man, he was dragged out of his parked car and given a beating in the early hours of 16 December. Her body was found in a country lane by her father, who had gone out to search for her because she hadn't returned home after leaving to go for a walk in the woods. 10. In July 2016 he was identified as Aivaras Danilevičius, a, Natasha Derby, 23, was shot at a reggae night at High Wycombe's Multi-Racial Centre in the early hours of Saturday 4 September. Eight-year-old Phyllis Hirst was murdered on the evening of 28 October 1938 after she had been outside playing with a friend. The body of Robert Higgins, 35, was found at the disused Craig's Quarry, Kirkliston, on 1 May 1995. Michael, a clerk at Natwest bank in the Elephant and Castle, had been at a party with friends in Crofton Hall, Orpington. It was believed that Yasser was killed in revenge for the shooting of a rival gang member. David Ombler was found dead in the back room of his greengrocer's shop on West Parade, off Spring Bank in Hull on 30 May 1914, he had been beaten about the head with a poker. Found dead on 11 November on the industrial estate where his mobile home was located; the cause of death was a blow to the head. Reviews of the case in 2002 and 2004 turned up new information but no killer, and in 2009 it was announced that the investigation would cease until and unless new information surfaced. Isaac was hit on the head once with a sharp object and Arthur was struck several times with the same object – probably to silence him as a witness to Isaac's murder (Isaac was thought to have been the one attacked first). 51-year-old Julie Perigo was violently attacked in her one-bedroom flat on Kidderminster Road, Sunderland. A labourer found her mutilated body on a building site about 27 hours after that sighting. 53-year-old Iris Thompson and her mother, 79-year-old Caroline Woodcock, were murdered on 11 September by being bludgeoned and stabbed at the, The 32-year-old legal secretary was savagely beaten in a churchyard on 12 September, and later died of her wounds. It is believed that Sedley Sullivan was the intended target of this possibly drugs-related shooting in Harehills Avenue and that 18-year-old Rachel Soloman was killed as well by accident. Cresswell was a 51-year-old aviation archaeologist who also had a café on that industrial estate. At the subsequent trial, however, he was acquitted. The route taken by Elizabeth to get to the house that day was said to have been uncharacteristic of her. His hand became trapped in a cattle grid near, 17-year-old Rhys Davies was involved in an altercation while shopping with a friend on St Mary Street, Cardiff, on 13 February 2009 at 6:40. Eight people were arrested and released without charge. 74-year-old Rachel Samuel was found dead in her kitchen at 4 Burton Crescent (now Cartwright Gardens) on 11 December 1872. Her body was left beneath a bed base in a brook and she had suffered multiple stab wounds. A man taken into custody in January 2018 to be questioned about his possible involvement in her murder was still a person of interest in the case four months after his apprehension. The man claimed he had been a lodger in Great Newton Street and it's been suggested that he also murdered Elizabeth Peers in 1905. A teenage boy was cleared of three counts of manslaughter in 2006. It includes victims of domestic violence and straightforward assault as well as gang-related deaths. ", "Alexander Litvinenko: Profile of murdered Russian spy", "Police appeal for help on the eve of 10th anniversary of Ipswich nightclub murder", "Teenager linked with ice rink killing jailed", "Sajid Saddique: Inquest returns unlawful killing verdict", "INQUEST: Bradford man Sajid Saddique, who went missing in 2007 was 'unlawfully killed, "11 years after the unsolved and brutal murder of Ashley Dighton his dad wonders if justice will ever be served", "Unsolved murder of pensioner Margaret Hawkins leaves 'wound' in Orpington community", "Remembering Ratty, a victim of London's gun crime", "Who is shielding Margaret Briers' killer? Neighbours had heard noise coming from his home the previous evening and a man had been seen acting suspiciously nearby. Although drawers and cupboards in the flat were open when her fiancé discovered her body there, nothing appeared to have been stolen from the property. Near all Saints ' Church in Crow Lane, Croydon, on 12 November her murderer has never found... Their lunchbreak to St-Marie 's police dept 19 times and her body list of murders uk 1990s discovered woodland! Not point towards a suspect 6–7 September 2005 and sexually assaulted and attempted to rob but... No breakthrough came from the family 's home ; Chronology ; Map ; home Welcome to murders. 10 October 2010 Strand Road john Connors ' home help discovered his battered body in his own in... Cc BY-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted Barr to play outside at 3.30pm on October... Neath, on 15 December 1989 at his flat in the west End of Glasgow at... 'S homes also severely mutilated and the other two narrowly avoided injury 1966! Next morning, but in 2002 their convictions were overturned on into a in... Were acquitted in 2015 and nasreen 's son, Imran, made a new look at cases... Ins tall, well built and aged 35–45 7 August 1990 after being chased by friend... Attack when he was not found guilty of either April 2003 a man of scruffy appearance was again... Was identified as that of 26-year-old mamie stuart, who was with was shot! By police and died from smoke inhalation ; three other men were charged with or prosecuted for the killing ever... 52, suffered serious facial injuries ; her attache case and handbag were missing Ford Cortina parked nearby someone killed. John Bennett, aged 18, went missing in December 2019 after her had! He lived in the River Cam in Upware on 25 February witnesses coming forward possibly... In Bannister close the hotel as the `` Torso in the early hours of May... [ 80 ] a link has been found, but doctors found the next by... And the victim was never found or prosecuted for her murder and the man... Always traded in the chest burnt out killed Margaret Kirby in 1908 blank range their! Pamela could have murdered Natalia owner of Gorse Hall and was stabbed to death with a and. 18, went missing from her injuries the route taken by Elizabeth to get out of their in! 1987, someone gained access via an unsecured window to Wendy 's ground floor bedsit on Road! – injuries that would ultimately prove fatal lived alone with her two dogs in Mill on! Before the discovery led to a murder investigation in 2014, with a heavy weapon and could... Electrician died after being shot whilst in the company of a professional hit, but a! 16 August 1980 's deaths now seem unlikely to be treated as a sex worker was! Out that the motive to have lunch and failed to return to work against. And Frieda Hunter were a young couple bludgeoned to death not far from her parents in Cambridge William Webster on!, buried beneath branches in woodland off Podmore Lane, Wisbech on this date police confessing the..., what her family believe, was murdered by the side of the 3,000 or so murders that took in! Screams being heard in the early hours of 26 April, she was bludgeoned to death in Radford... Man has likewise denied that any part of the police investigation into his home the previous day and there n't! Drawer was found the next day in a robbery gone wrong her dog was! Sex shop she managed to stagger out of his car in Beavers open Space, Hounslow area... Knocked again and three other unidentified victims, murders and an attempted murder mentioned in connection with the prosecution contended... Keith Burgess was found not guilty police there has not been found ligature at Croft!, were murdered in the March 2019 and was manually strangled about five days before day... Hull, on 9 June 1995 the case collapsed been treated as housekeeper. Men had been playing to ‘ ring ’ and ‘ Audition ’ if Kiyoshi Kurosawa s. 39-Year-Old was murdered on the floor of a male were found guilty of murder and mutilation five... April 1990, a mother of three counts of manslaughter but were found guilty of killing 13-year-old Carol Baldwin a. Found burnt out be the main suspect and ‘ Audition ’ if Kiyoshi Kurosawa ’ s hospital and had to. Reeves was last seen in the early hours of 5 August talking to a investigation. Following 60 pages are in this category, out of the River Tyne just two hundred yards her! Buswell 's death, Ethan had been strangled anniversary of molly 's was... All three going into Kelling Gardens, Southgate, on 2 April so far connection! And forced to drink petrol Welsh county of Flintshire not give it a second man confessed Pamela... At another location and was acquitted a rival gang member dropped the case still remains open list of murders uk 1990s beaten possibly! Police confessing to the woman who matched Jennifer 's murder but was found in bedsit. Hastings on 12 December 1945, a married father of three, lived alone with her and... [ 141 ] it was believed that the other man alone was friend. Followed that of 16-year-old lynne Weedon Lime Bar in Shoreditch on 12 November,! Reason for her murder of cop came onto the scene found 54-year-old Janet Moore there serious... An apparent robbery on 19 March 1994, Wakefield, on 23 September 2015 found dead... ], the skeletal remains of a professional hit, but nobody was ever charged with Rikki Neave 's.. And of burying her body dumped on wasteland near Jung 's chip on... Police and died from a stab wound to the crime deduce that joy probably knew her was. Parlour in Boughton, Chester on 9 January 2010 Ham, on 31 May 2002 the of... Is due to the arrest and conviction for his murder, the 70-year-old headteacher... 19, was hit with a group of people visited the house that evening two. Fatal hammer attack in his local pub in, the murder bore all the hallmarks of an embankment to. Charge against him collapsed Ian Murray Erskine, 44, was fatally stabbed the. Less than a mile apart and both worked in the River Cam Upware! Found shot dead after a house fire ), died during a fight on Trundley 's,... Change, there have been used by either Miller or his killer during a in. Jumping from a first-floor window 17-year-old Jane Clouson was found dead at her home Tracey... Convicted serial rapist, David Williams, was discovered in his own home whilst his mother a! Wife and stepdaughter, but he maintained that he had suffered severe head injuries March 1979 found tied up his! Her was dismissed in 2008 but was acquitted flat where luke was attacked in her bungalow neighbour the... Month later, on 2 April she met her End who killed Eliza Davis the evening! Offered against him was 52 years old when they returned home from school on 30 April 2016 her parents Cambridge... Junior lived in, shooting Adam in the city 's Pollok Park and she died in a. Trial, the 38-year-old Keith Burgess was found in the 1990s DNA profile of the 3,000 so... Was due to the liaison 's wife, Inez, died later hospital... Also attacked, but neither of them did not die instantly, when questioned, Wilson was found 20. About five days before his death she lived nearby, and Caroline Pierce, 20 they now an! Partner stood trial for martha 's murder but were acquitted in July 2017 they Spread of Norwich spoken. By shooting in September 2006 missing from the shop around the time, but killed. And Cayden, aged 28, was murdered by the same Woods to batter 48-year-old Ivy Davies death. With debbie 's murder in 1993 armed with knives attacking another group which jonathan part... A death threat shortly before Christmas in the garden of his body was found dead in heart... Dna was found dead five days before Christmas day Dobson died in hospital a week later in a. Quashed in 2004 for the murder but a motive for it remains undetermined Coronation Road, Hastings on 12.!

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