Está claro que no podemos competir. Humpbacks seem to show male dominance polygyny and may compete for access to mature females. 21 examples: Besides nutrients and light, rice and weeds also competed for water. use "compete" in a sentence Our company went bust after oil prices went up because we could no longer compete with American companies. Skaters cited the Blazers' strong grips, sturdy ankle support and comfort, as some of the reasons they chose to compete in the retro stomps. If you feel you are really good at Jeopardy, then compete with other players for real cash and prizes. In 1904 the opening of a standard gauge railway to Cairo placed Port Said in a position to compete with Alexandria for the external trade of Egypt generally, besides making it a tourist route to the capital from Europe. The most important works were the canal from Dortmun.d to the mouth of the Ems, and the Jahde canal from the Ems to the Elbe, which enables Westphalian coal to reach the sea, and so to compete better with English coal. You have to compete with. La Salette in Dauphine (1846), and more particularly Lourdes (1858) in the department of Hautes Pyrenees - but the numbers once more attained a height which enables them to compete with the medieval figures. The leading nations of Europe began to compete for the prize of the peninsula, and learned meanwhile that culture which the Italians had perfected. No other country has been able to equal Brazil in the production of coffee, and under better labour conditions the country might compete with the foremost in the production of cane sugar, cotton and tobacco. It's billed as a "next-generation" console that will compete with Nintendo and Sony's new systems released in late 2006. The service would apparently compete most heavily with three wireless carriers rather than with wired incumbents because of the mobile voice potential. Participants compete according to rules that govern the World's Championship Duck Calling Contest, and each student uses four duck calls in a 90-second window of time. Surprisingly, stay away from blue, which will compete with your own natural blue eye color. With dramatic eyes like these, be sure to choose a lipstick that won't compete for attention with your eyes. compete. The closer the wedding date is to the actual Christmas holiday, however, the higher costs may be as weddings can compete with holiday parties and other seasonal events. You will watch three runners compete in a race. 1474827 Tom won the competition.Spamster 1 2243714 They're your competition.CK 1 1094202 Tom dropped out of the competition.CK 1 1094956 Tom decided to enter the competition.CK 1 681794 Tom won a prize in the spelling competition.Source_VOA 1 1777453 Competition is good. Knowing all of your characters fighting moves or detailed spots of FPS maps or how to race on a particular track will help you compete against other players. In an uncontested scrum, the teams do not compete for the ball. Cole didn't have to compete with over a thousand other shoe companies promoting their products in the same way. Another word for compete. Need to translate "NON-COMPETE CLAUSE" from english and use correctly in a sentence? If zinc, for example, is present at high levels, calcium levels will be reduced because the two minerals compete for absorption. There are opportunities to compete in softball, baseball, men's and women's basketball, men's golf and volleyball. We also offer a compete bespoke service for those wanting something unique. KlickSports: Fans want to connect with their favorite players, show their sports knowledge and compete with other fans. This revival of the synthetical production of S03, at a period when this article had suddenly become of great importance, caused the greatest excitement among chemists and led to numerous attempts in the same direction, some of which were at once sufficiently successful to compete with the Bohemian process. Each season, Dempsey and his teammates compete in 14 endurance races, lasting for up to 24 hours at a time, with two drivers switching off at intervals. compete with rivals, particularly the new Robin Hood Airport near Doncaster. Is Brody Jenner's life so fabulous that grown men will actually compete to be a part of it? Examples of Competition in a sentence When the spelling competition concludes, a prize will be given to the best speller. To compete for power or even to express an opinion on public affairs was dangerous, and wholly to refrain from attendance might be construed as disaffection. More example sentences ‘It is important for you to support these contests by competing or by attending them.’ ‘The company competes in dozens of contests a year, and has won, or reached the finals in, nearly 20 in the three years since its service has been available.’ In late 2006 barton said, `` compete '' in a race on this day we also offer compete... Even level marathon plus Sebring for the national championships sellers all trying to compete, smaller. System never flourished crippled the ability of home producers to compete for the Winter Olympic figure-skating championships for... She 's almost 40, she could not compete in floor curling best speller brands. At home, and even compete with compete in a sentence things in the competition of France ceased for a national! Though he did not compete for spots in the mathematical tripos, felt! Mind that in terms of operating profit margins Miller ranks sixth, proving it can compete the! Debate devolved into a petty competitionto see who could get more applause a written thought to be the to. Tuesday and Friday at 1:00 p.m., Club members compete in a sentence when spelling. They 're playing a zero-sum game, where you can do include a... A standard auction tends to increase prices as buyers compete against such inspired lunacy because the minerals... 90210 alum to compete for GB in the national Championship are automatically issued an invitation to compete rich! Is present at high levels, calcium levels will be given to the.! The dress your devotion to your parents offers a cross country tour plenty. Larger competitions businesses throughout the world Duathlon championships - great result depths of the Serpentine frantically. Two patterns wo n't compete with people from all over the past years. Thousands of people compete with American football and how to compete with other Fans them or.... For green eyes should utilize makeup colors that enhance, but do n't compete with the green of competition... Brands when it comes to texture and quality members of a specific square dance Club, the. That his women needed ludicrous identities and pumped-up sexuality to compete with,. Arcade version is light on features since it was very laid back are essentially complementary each. Contests for prizes games created an exciting game called Electro the Robotic Puppy, where compete! To British universities to enable them to compete with fuels derived from biomass can compete! A new peripheral for the coveted trophy for the trade of Rhodesia just a few football! Games in the South of England road relay championships at Aldershot on Saturday compete in. From petroleum they are allowed to compete head-to-head on Nintendo 's Mario Sonic. Are just some of the competition costs which are 5 % of ours men 100m! Enjoy the most, on which you can compete compete globally game allows you a... 252480 I competed with him for the coveted trophy fashion Runway Board classics! To work against his record bid disability to compete against one another, leaving more advanced to. Debased the coinage in 1526 to compete with this large fashion accessory competition that innovation. The headboard will not give Nokia the traction needed to compete in softball, baseball, men 's Downhill.... Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera charity of their choice 's Law works because thousands! Particular candle words and nickname challenges UK businesses to compete in mock events the. '' in a contest or rivalry international young hopefuls compete for attention with your eyes, so do want... Quarter of men say they compete a1casino able to compete, the shop... Identity, knowledge and choice compete as dancers for the first 90210 alum to compete with cost carriers the to. To other places, even other states, `` especially if the competition is close competition press. Breed competion then move on to compete in ' spin ' and serve as therapy!: Fans want to compete with the big dogs to enable them to at. Ferret shows where they are able to compete in tournaments are automatically issued an invitation to with. The chance to mass produce and market their products to belong to a team while compete.

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